• I’ve had many GroupLooper users tell me that when they were searching their memory banks to identify all of the golf courses they’ve played to establish their CPI, some courses stood out clear as a bell and then there were others that they couldn’t really remember enough about to find them in our Golf Course Directory. That’s because not all golf course operators have the 2nd heavenly virtue of Singularity.

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  • One of the reasons I like golf so much is the infinite variety it offers… with over 200 golf courses within 50 miles of home and over 17,000 golf courses in the United States none of us will ever run out of opportunities for new golf experiences. Apparently I’m not alone when it comes to my fetish for golf variety… check it out.

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  • I’m tired of reading the pessimism about golf being a shrinking ship… takes too long to play… too expensive… the millennial aren’t interested… blah blah blah. Follow this series of blog posts where we’ll discuss the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues of Golf Course Operators and will unlock the keys to growing the greatest game ever invented.

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